Rukmani Devi Public School, Pitam Pura, gave a special visit to Sparsh Special School. Students and staff members from the school met our specially abled children and spent some memorable time with them. Sparsh children welcomed the students and visitors with warmth. As a sweet gesture our specially abled children offered special snacks to the students, which had been exclusively made by them. Reciprocating the gesture, the visitors gave away stationery, chocolates, and chips to them.
Sparsh children made some new friends and it was great to see how the students interacted with them. The highlight of the interaction was when Sparsh children and all the students came together for a dance and enjoyed the beats of 'India Waley' and 'Ganesha'. As a token of friendship, Sparsh children presented Tea-light Candles to the students and visitors. The visitors also came forward to buy bookmarks and other products made by Sparsh children. All in all it was a fun filled day where they made new friends and great memories too!