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  • Smt. Pratibha Patil

    I am absolutely delighted to see the efforts of Sparsh towards making a difference in the world of special-needs children. It is a great feeling to be associated with such an organization. I will always support Sparsh.

  • Sri. Rajnath Singh

    Sparsh is making a difference in the lives of many underprivileged children with disabilities. Its efforts are truly commendable. Their philosophy – discovering humanity – is a call to everyone to rise above differences to support the cause. We need more such initiatives in the nation.

  • Smt. Meira Kumar

    I feel delighted to be part of this grand event to support the noble cause of helping specially-abled children lead a better life. The innocent smiles on the faces of the children at Sparsh fill my heart with happiness and gratitude towards the people working for and supporting Sparsh, especially Mrs. Sudha Gupta. I urge you to keep doing the good work!

  • Sri. LK Advani

    I am honoured to be part of such a noble cause. Seeing these children smile and perform so wonderfully on stage is a heart-warming feeling. I congratulate Sparsh and the people behind it for the wonderful work they are doing for specially-abled children.


    Sparsh is a very noble initiative and it is rare to find such organizations that discover collective humanity and transform the lives of children with special needs. It was an honour for me to meet the special angels of God and to see them being nurtured into independent citizens made me feel proud that Delhi is home to such a wonderful school.

  • Sri. Nitin Gadkari

    Sparsh is spreading the message of serving humanity in the truest sense. Each one of us should feel inspired and motivated to join a cause for the upliftment and betterment of the society. I am delighted to lend my wholehearted support towards Sparsh and the cause.

  • Sri. Kapil Sibal

    I have a strong belief that every child is born with a gift. All he or she needs is a kind, loving and supportive environment that helps nurture that gift. And specially-abled children are no different. I congratulate Sparsh for helping these children to find and nurture their dreams.

  • Sri. Ajay Maken

    I feel honoured to be part of the crusade that Sparsh has undertaken to help the specially-abled children live a life of dignity. I wish that the school continues to grow in its efforts and helps more and more children to live a better life.

  • Sri. Avrinder Sing Lovely

    Differently-abled children are as important for the future of our nation as any other child. It's heartening to know that there are organisations like Sparsh who are working relentlessly to help these children develop self-dependence and build for themselves a life of dignity.

  • Smt. Ambika Soni

    Sparsh has given these children the hope to live an independent life. I feel extremely proud to be present here and witness the willpower of these special children performing on stage. I congratulate Mrs. Sudha Gupta and Mother's Pride for working towards such a noble cause.

  • Smt. Aarti Mehra

    Sparsh is doing a commendable job in empowering special-needs children. I truly appreciate the efforts of its staff. I am sure that these children will go on to lead productive lives and inspire many to serve humanity.

  • Sri. Jagdish Mukhi

    It's heartening to see the work done by Sparsh for the upliftment of specially–abled children. I specially want to appreciate Mrs. Sudha Gupta for her kind and humanitarian efforts to serve such a great cause. I feel privileged to be associated with such a cause.

  • Smt. Priya Dutt

    A healing touch can make a world of difference in someone's life. I have seen Sparsh making every effort possible to help these children. It's a beautiful world that they have created here and I am happy to be a part of it. I will always be there for Sparsh.

  • Sri. Manishanker Ayer

    Sparsh is a great organisation. Their work has made a huge difference not just in the lives of these special children but in the society too. It is a great pleasure to be associated with this organisation.

  • Late Sri. Jagjit Singh

    Being with these children was an intense emotional experience for me. Watching them perform so well and seeing what they are capable of made me realize that when you really want to do something no disability can stop you. Together, let's do all we can to help them lead a normal life.

  • Sri. Amjad Ali Khan

    I am thankful to Sparsh for giving me the opportunity to interact with these special children. I wish these children the best for their life ahead and hope that Sparsh continues to make more lives better.

  • Sri. Armaan Ali and Sri. Ayaan Ali

    It is an absolute pleasure for us to be here among such beautiful souls. We are extremely happy to see the work Sparsh is doing. These children deserve all the happiness in this world. Good work Sparsh!

  • Smt. Sonal Man Singh

    I am really glad that Sparsh is working towards the welfare of specially-abled children and making efforts to help them live an independent life. I congratulate Mrs. Sudha Gupta and Mother’s Pride for their immense support to this initiative.

  • Sri. Daler Mehndi

    I want to congratulate Sparsh for what they are doing for the welfare of these children with special needs. I lend all my support to Sparsh and wish that they continue to bring happiness into their lives.

  • Sri Mika Singh

    I am truly humbled by today’s experience. I just wish that more such organizations would come forward to make such efforts.

  • Sri Shankar Sahney

    Sparsh is doing a wonderful job as an NGO. I thank you for giving me this opportunity to be a part of the contribution you are making to the society.

  • Guru Randhawa

    I truly appreciate Sparsh for their contribution to society and doing such a stupendous job especially, because it involves children. I deeply thank the group for welcoming me and giving me the opportunity to spend time with these children and contributing in my way. I am not a passionate philanthropist but always wanted to do my bit for society and Sparsh gave me that platform. I feel proud to be associated with Sparsh.

  • Sri. Amol Palekar

    I want to thank Sparsh for giving me this opportunity to be part of the noble cause. I appreciate the token of support given to Sparsh by Mother’s Pride. I feel that such efforts should be cherished and taken as an example to uplift mankind.

  • Sri. Anupam Kher

    To watch these children smile, to see their innocent faces, to hold their hand, is to know God. Anything you do in their service will have my wholehearted support.

  • Late Sri. Dara Singh

    I am absolutely delighted to see the efforts of Sparsh to make a difference in the world of special children. Sparsh has my wholehearted support.

  • Smt. Kirron Kher

    I thank Sparsh for giving me this wonderful opportunity to interact with these kids. Your organization is doing a great job in providing quality education and special-needs assistance to these children. I am sure that your efforts will be well-rewarded as these children grow up and build independent lives for themselves.

  • Sri Sanjay Khan

    Sparsh is truly special in every way. I am really happy to see their work and the efforts that they have made for these children. I am absolutely delighted to be here.

  • Sri. Arbaaz Khan

    I want to congratulate Sparsh for their efforts towards improving the lives of these children. I wish that they continue to bring happiness into the lives of these children.

  • Sri Shiny Ahuja

    I believe it is our duty as humans to help those who cannot help themselves. Sparsh is an organization that holds the same belief. They have done a remarkable job in helping special children to lead normal lives. Coming here today has been an extraordinary experience for me.

  • Mr. Virat Kohli

    It is an honour to witness such great work done for special-needs children. Sparsh has done a remarkable job. Well done!

  • Mr. Virender Sehwag

    I am happy to be here for these children. Sparsh has opened a world of possibilities for them. It's great work. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

  • Sri. Ajay Jadega

    I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude towards Sparsh for their contribution in uplifting the lives of children with special needs. It was a delight to see these children performing with so much confidence. I offer my support to Sparsh in promoting this worthy cause.

  • Sri. Ashish Nehra

    I appreciate the work done by Sparsh. They have done a significant bit towards raising the standards of humanity. I wish them all the success for their future endeavours.

  • Sri. Vinod Kambli

    It's a joy to see these special children performing on stage. Their high spirit and zeal are an inspiration for everyone. I feel really honoured to be a part of this event and congratulate Mrs. Sudha Gupta for serving such a noble cause. I lend my wholehearted support and love for Sparsh and wish them all the best.

  • Priyanka Goyal

    The children of Sparsh have added a new meaningful chapter in my life. Seeing them be so full of life and chirpy, I can say that they are not disabled but specially-abled. Thank you team Sparsh for giving me this opportunity to connect with them.

  • Arts Vintaage is an initiative by Sparsh to save, support, encourage and cherish India's traditional art forms in music, theatre, dance and painting.

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  • Angels of Art collects and preserves art created by children, which are then put up for sale. The proceeds are equally divided between the artist and Sparsh, where it is utilized for the welfare of underprivileged special-needs children.

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