On the occasion of Rakshabandhan in a special gesture the children at Sparsh celebrated the bond of friendship and shared a message on peace and love with the Pakistan High Commissioner on 27th August at the Sparsh Special School. At the event there was an amalgamation of program by Shakti Girls and a fusion gidda performance by them. The children also performed a play on the theme United we Stand, Divided we fall. There was a scintillating performance on a song depicting friendship between the people of India and Pakistan. The students from Presidium performed on the theme Itihaas and also performed on a song of Peace and Harmony. The exuberant performance by children was followed by a Grand Finale performance on the John Lenon-Peace song. It was a joyous and happy moment for everyone present there and the spirit of brotherhood filled every corner.

At the event the Chairperson of Presidium and Mother’s Pride, Mrs. Sudha Gupta appreciated the children for giving such beautiful performances and for coming together to celebrate the festival. Sparsh President, Mr. M. P. Singh elaborated on the different projects taken up by Sparsh and the efforts that are put up to complete them. The Pakistani High Commissioner, Mr. Abdul Basit expressed that his heart was touched by the event and in his one and a half year tenure it was the best event that he had seen so far. He enjoyed interacting with the students. He also appreciated the good work being done by Sparsh NGO and expressed that the NGO is keeping humanity alive.