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Our Team

Smt. Raj Rani Gupta,
Patron of Sparsh

Smt. Raj Rani Gupta, a patron of Sparsh, laid the foundation stone of Sparsh with the aim of starting an organization that works for the uplift of special children and the destitute. A human being with a heart of gold, Smt. Gupta is a visionary who has dedicated her life for the well-being and betterment of the underprivileged. Sparsh is the fulfillment of her dream of making a difference in the lives of those who need our help the most. Under her guidance, Sparsh has achieved unprecedented success with its efforts to work for the welfare of special children. Her journey with Sparsh has been remarkable as is quite evident from the number of projects Sparsh has initiated in recent times.

Smt. Gupta has taken up the cause for special children with Sparsh Special School, which is synonymous with special care given to the mentally or physically challenged, autistic, and hearing impaired children.

Realizing the plight of street children she also started an initiative called UDAAN, which provides free education and facilities for underprivileged children. The idea is to get the children enrolled in MCD schools and empower them by providing them elementary education.

Smt. Gupta strongly believes that, “educating a girl means educating the entire family”. She started the PROJECT SHAKTI that works towards providing quality education to the girl child that will empower them, and save them from a life of poverty and exploitation. Through this initiative, we not only educate a girl, but the entire family.

Mrs. Sudha Gupta,
Founder and Patron of Sparsh

Mrs. Sudha Gupta is an educationist par excellence and a visionary with a difference. Her expansive vision encompasses children, parents, teachers and the society as a whole. 'To create a better world' is precisely how she explains her vision. She has done extensive work in the field of education for the past 11 years. As the chairperson of Mother's Pride and Presidium Senior Secondary school, she has propagated the concept of holistic education that focuses on overall development of children namely academics, life skills and talents. To bring the concept of holistic development to formal education, she established Presidium with a unique vision of "Be what you want to be".

Mrs. Sudha Gupta is not just an educationist but she is a philanthropist too as she is also devoted to the cause of special children and the underprivileged with full devotion. She has played an instrumental role in spearheading the construction of the Sumer Chand Bhawan building which houses Sparsh Special School.

She has also drawn people in this project so that the special children continue to receive the support they deserve. She also plays an important role in Project Shakti, an initiative to provide the girl child quality education and help them rise in life, and Udaan a programme that offers free education and facilities to underprivileged children.

Sparsh has so far touched the lives of millions who have been victims of life and circumstance.

Mr. MP Singh,
President of Sparsh

Sri MP Singh comes from a family running the Perfume business since 1880. For Sri MP Singh the unique way of help people is an idea which has made a big difference in his life
Sri MP Singh decided to move into social work in 2005, when he was 60 year old, a decision he took based on his philosophy to give back to the society. He runs a playschool as a franchise of Mother’s Pride, and since 2012 has been running a branch of Presidium Primary School. Sri MP Singh as the President of Sparsh spearheads the NGO to cater to underprivileged children, especially those who are mentally or physically challenged autistic, and hearing impaired children.

He strongly believes in sewa which is above everything. He is President of Punjabi Pracharni Saba, Vice President of Space for all & President of Sparsh NGO. & President of Senior citizen club Model Town. In this philanthropic journey, he does not miss out on a single visit to any of his adopted institutions. He also makes it a point to spend time with each student.

Being a dynamic personality that he is, Sri MP Singh has influenced the residents of the area especially women who wish to contribute to the noble cause and want to do social work. They are encouraged to become entrepreneurs under his guidance which also gives them a way of earning a livelihood.

Mr. Vikas Chawla,
Vice President of Sparsh

Sri Vikas Chawla is a business entrepreneur who deals in a wide range of business ventures like import-export and construction etc. He has been involved in these ventures for the last 2 decades. Being the owner of Mother’s Pride Franchise, Sri Chawla has been running it successfully for the last ten years in Gurgaon. Realising his true calling of helping those in need, he connected to his philanthropic side. He joined Sparsh to fulfill his belief of serving the society and to spread awareness about children with special needs. Over the years he has been working relentlessly towards the cause of looking after and supporting special children at Sparsh.

Mrs. Sapna Sukul,
Director of Sparsh

Sapna Sukul has 20 years work experience, primarily in the field of education. During her teaching career she was drawn upon the idea of giving holistic education to children in order to make them more responsible citizens. She therefore transitioned into co-curricular activities that revolved around environmental conservation, international educational exchange programmes and special education. She is inspired by the highly reputed NGOs Goonj, Earth Saviour Foundation, CMS and Routes to Roots, all of whom she has worked closely with in her career as an educator. She has received awards from TERI for her exceptional work on the Tetrapak sponsored Project Search. She has worked tirelessly towards inculcating international understanding among children through British Council and American Field Survey projects with UK and Russia respectively. Throughout her career she has walked the extra mile to organise events for furthering the cause of children with special needs in all the institutions that she has served. She has always believed that nothing is more rewarding than seeing a smile on the faces of the most innocent of people and sharing the stress that their parents undergo.